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Eurofountain: The Idea The Target The Advantages
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The Idea

We all are European

The implementation of the idea of the “Eurofountain” and the communication of it brings proximity to the citizens, sustainability, a broad openness, tremendous benefits, and is stable and convincing beyond time and boundaries.
We are all Europeans. We all share the same history.

We were all created from the great cultures of the past, cultures whose values such as freedom, democracy and human rights are our foundation. They are the sources of all European societies. We can only become one because we share the same sources.

A river that knows no boundaries springs forth from its source to embark on its journey across countries, cultures, societies and languages, symbolically transporting life onwards.

Symbol for Europe

So what is more obvious than to build a fountain in every country in Europe as the symbol of these shared sources? And what is more obvious than making these “Eurofountains” centres of community, of life in an international community, of celebrations, contemplation and learning, making them public places in Europe and permanent symbols of the “flow of things” that bind us and strengthen us for the future?