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Eurofountain: The Idea The Target The Advantages
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The Target

A place for all

Eurofountains will be sites for meetings in the sign of Europe. Places where people meet, think European, dance, sing, celebrate and talk to each other.

The Eurofountains provide a stage for the concept of community. We want to use the strong symbolism of a fountain to gain entry to the thoughts and hearts of Europe’s citizens. We want the value and need for a united Europe that is borne by all its citizens to be internalised by them and become something that is constantly experienced anew.

Making Europe's cultural variety visible

Eurofountains make Europe’s cultural variety visible.

Once completed, there will be a festive ceremony with media to mark the opening of the fountain. Every opening celebration will bring people closer together and be a symbol of the citizens’ continued identification with and within Europe.

This will be followed by cheerful fountain festivals in seasonal colours with folklore presentations and culinary specialities, habits and customs from all over Europe. Appropriate occasions in every season for citizens of every age and generation to experience the limitless variety of the others openly, relaxed and in a festive mood.

Thus Europe will become visible to all as a permanent, present and unmissable sign of the integration of all European societies and cultures.

Over all countries

The Eurofountains are tangible points of identification built from solid stone cuboids that come from every member country of the European Union. A further stone is added to these cuboids to symbolise Europe itself, installed as a column in the basin of the fountain and visible from great distances.

Assembled as a solid column that is surrounded by clear, sparkling water, every fountain becomes a shining symbol of the great European community. And what is instantly clear: each keeps its own identity, and yet is an important part of a great entity.

The Eurofountain is most definitely not a memorial. It is not a place to kneel down, but somewhere to meet up; it’s a place where people think European, where they dance, sing, celebrate and talk to each other.