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A symbol of solidarity

At the heart of the Think European – Be European concept, though, is the Eurofountain. We are currently in the process of creating unique and highly symbolic fountains with the same architecture in every member country of the EU.

These fountains consist of 27 cuboids made of a stone that is typical to each country and one solid “European” stone square, with clear water bubbling over them. The unique architecture makes each fountain a sparkling symbol of the great European community. The clear symbol: each keeps its identity, and yet is an important equal part of a great entity. The Eurofountains will be built and used as centres for cultural exchanges, understanding and communication beyond country boundaries.

Eurofountains will be sites for meetings in the sign of Europe. Places where people meet, think European, dance, sing, celebrate and talk to each other.

Linking countries with each other!

The first two such fountains were built in Austria in 1997 and Spain in 2002. The response by the citizens confirmed the suitability and sustainability of the idea. People want to see their Europe; to understand it and be able to touch it. They seek and welcome the space for debate, and honour the development of proximity not only between the individual nations, but also between themselves and the representatives of the European Union.

Thinking together

Which is why, over time, we want to build more of them all over the continent and use the events that will accompany them as opportunities to bring people even closer together. Every new fountain will be celebrated with a fabulous opening event with dancing and folklore that encourages cultural exchange and creates a relaxed and open atmosphere for the people. The actual location is not so important. What does matter is the size of the event and its effect on the public. Every opening will bring people closer together, and thus be a symbol of the citizens’ continued identification with Europe.

As a consequence, we are planning colourful summer fountain festivals with folklore performances and culinary delights from all over Europe, and winter fountain festivals with traditional features on lively European customs at Christmas and New Year. Appropriate occasions for citizens of every age and generation to create the borderless Occident in a relaxed and festive ambience.

There are no limits to the uses for these new European sites. But for the communities they are proof of their participation in the development of Europe, the catalyst for the preservation of a general public, and thus also of financial importance. And they actively encourage a collective awareness in citizens and make Europe visible to all.