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Eurofountain: The Idea The Target The Advantages
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The Advantages

The advantages at a glance:

The Eurofountains are a high-profile platform from which the citizens of Europe can address the European idea and thus strengthen the community structure between various societies and cultures on the one hand, and European institutions on the other.

*The Eurofountains create identification and integration, and reduce the gap between Europeans and their hitherto abstract construct of Europe. Thus they can become the 'crib' for a new spirit and the starting point for a united Europe.

*The Eurofountains are not a short-lived attraction, but can be used as the permanent and sustainable symbols and catalysts for community experiences.

*Their constructive idea gives them a high level of symbolism for the theme of a stable and reliable European unit on the one hand, and the symbolism of water as the giver of life and thus of the future on the other.

*Those communities that declare their willingness to build a fountain will find long-lasting popularity and enjoy economic effects that will anchor them firmly in the structure of a European unit and entitle them to financial benefits through grants.

*The costs for participating communities are generally quite clear. In the first instance, they include the provision of a suitable site with a good infrastructure, the operating costs (water, cleaning) and the financing of events.

*The building costs for the fountains are financed by the European UnionThe broadest possible decision to introduce the fountains in as many countries and as concurrently as possible provides additional and considerable PR and cost effects. Graduated funds can be invested in communal projects to benefit the citizens of the communities.

*Once the fountains have been installed in as many European towns and cities as possible, there could be a shared day of fountain festivals that would then become a strong sign for all European citizens of further progress in achieving unity and strength in Europe. So Europe Day could come true.